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PhenQ is provided and produced by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. This organization states they are glad for driving the enhancements business for longer than 10 years. PhenQ is portrayed as a weight reduction pill that puts accentuation on numerous aspects of weight reduction and not only a run of the mill craving suppressant. They’re additionally glad for having helped more than 190,000 clients!

Quality fat killers. It breezes through the eye assessment alright and we anticipate investigating the fixings.

Clean name. We see everything in the recipe, dissimilar to different enhancements that shroud their fixing dosages.

Accessible in 3 sizes. 30 days, 90 days, and 150-day supplies, with the third size coming in with a complimentary gift. We like arrangements like that!

How It Works

PhenQ works in several major natural ways which promote the effective body weight decrease:

  • Enhancement of metabolic rate due to the intensification of thermogenesis
  • Destruction of body fat storages due to the accelerated fat breakdown
  • Suppression of appetite due to drop in hunger hormones
  • Blockage of fat synthesis in the body due to the deceleration of fat accumulation

This component of activity helps individuals with overweight lose additional pounds securely and without any problem. Obviously, this happens just in blend with the other weight reduction procedures. What’s more, coincidentally, the fixings accessible in this enhancement empower the clients to likewise build up the bulk.

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PhenQ Advantages

PhenQ supplementation is highly beneficial for people who try to combat the issue of excessive weight. The key diet pill advantages are as follows:

  • Chance to naturally curb appetite
  • Metabolism acceleration
  • Decrease in body fat percentage
  • Elevation of energy levels
  • Increase in stamina and endurance
  • Muscle mass gains

PhenQ Formula

The ingradient of PhenQ is experimentally inferred. What’s more, the recipe makes this dietary enhancement really true. The unmatched status of this cure turned into a reality because of A-Lacys Reset. This is really the name of the pill recipe which transforms the weight reduction venture into a fruitful procedure.

The forward-looking equation of this enhancement is very much investigated. It implies that this equation is extremely viable and unbeaten. The producer acquired the patent to demonstrate the eliteness and effectiveness of own enhancement.

The formula is loaded with antioxidants. These compounds are famous for their amazing potential to intensely contribute to the body fat elimination. Antioxidants act inside the body cells. They ensure cell protection against the destruction which free radicals cause. It means that the supplement formula is invented in a way that accelerates and facilitates the fat-burning process.


The supplement formula contains a range of well-working components which enhance the natural body weight reduction. There are the following ingredients which can safely help you implement your dream of a slim body:

  • Calcium Carbonate: This ingredient is helpful for appetite suppression and activation of thermogenic potential of the body. It means that the hunger pangs will stop torture you and fat metabolic rate will grow. Energy release will get a boost, will fat-melting process will intensify. Also, the component blocks the production of fatty acids. Due to this, the new fat storages will not accumulate and the body weight will fall.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate: This is an amino acid the formation of which occurs naturally. The amino acid takes part in fat destruction and decreases time necessary to recover after the hard exercising in the gym. Also, it is l-carnitine works well for burning fat, increasing satiety and making muscle mass size increase in the natural way.
  • Caffeine: Stimulatory effect of caffeine urged the manufacturer to include it to the supplement formula. This ingredient has the alkaloid nature. It stimulates central nervous system. In particular, it has an inhibitory influence on the brain areas responsible for the feeling of hunger. Appetite suppression leads to the decrease in food intake. Also, thermogenesis and metabolism simultaneously speed up. In addition, caffeine perfectly serves for the natural restoration of stamina and endurance.
  • Chromium Picolinate: This ingredient is widespread for manufacturing the all-natural dietary remedies. It successfully participates in the management of hunger feeling. If appetite lowers, you can cut the calorie intake. Also, this compound enhances metabolism and doesn’t let the body store fat.
  • Nopal: This is a weight-decreasing cactus which gives a strong natural boost to metabolism. It contributes to the reduction of sugar levels. This plant component promotes the upsurge of energy release. Also, it optimizes cholesterol levels. In addition, this component is reach in fiber which improves satiety and decreases fluid retention. Due to this, it’s possible to avoid weight gain and lose existing extra pounds.
  • Capsimax Powder: It’s a powerful natural metabolism booster. Since it fights sluggish metabolism, it also makes the body start getting rid of fat deposits. Since there are the chemical compounds known under the name of capsaicinoids in capsicum, it makes the all-natural weight loss process really very fruitful.


PhenQ is a fully natural supplement which has no strong artificial substances in its formulation. That’s why it can’t start working within a couple of hours after the intake of this weight-loss pill. You shouldn’t wait for the results promptly after you swallow a few pills. It will take several weeks before you notice that your body is slimming the way you want.
Averagely, the supplementation helps the body get rid of 1-2 pounds on a weekly basis. The action of the supplement is based on its ability to kindle thermogenesis and accelerate sluggish metabolic rate. For this reason, the supplementation with PhenQ should last for 5 months in order you could cut the body fat percentage by 7.24%.

PhenQ is Good Weight Loss Pill

Not only fat storages reduce under the influence of supplementation. The bodyweight also decreases. And this happens even quicker than fat melts. The user feedback indicates that it’s possible to wean off 50 pounds during the 3-month intake of PhenQ.

However, you have to realize that your supplementation gains may differ from the gains stated by the other customers in their reviews. Anyway, if you aspire to take advantage of supplementation to maximum extent, you have to fallow all the pill intake recommendations which the manufacturer of PhenQ provides.

Usage Recommendations

There are 60 capsules in one supplement bottle. The daily serving includes 2 capsules. Due to this, you should purchase one bottle of PhenQ per month.

The daily serving should be divided by two. Thus, one capsule has to be taken with the first meal of the day, while the second one with lunch. It’s important to separate the intake of both of these capsules.
Also, you shouldn’t take more than 2 capsules per day. If you exceed the dose, you will not speed up the body weight reduction. But doing so, you will increase the risk of the occurrence of overdosing symptoms. They may include anxiety, nausea, hypertension, and indigestion.

In addition, you should pay attention on the second dose timing. The matter is that the intake of supplement during the later hours may deprive you of sleep at night.

PhenQ conclusion

phenq diet pills review

PhenQ is quite a notable brand among the most advanced non-artificial anti-overweight supplements available on the market now. Due to the presence of top-notch natural ingredients, people with excessive weight can safely and effectively shake the disappointing extra pounds off.

The body fat percentage will drop as well.

You don’t have to ask your doctor for the prescription if you want to use this supplement. And the product formula doesn’t include Phentermine or similar prescription-only active substances.

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What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is the cutting-edge non-artificial dietary supplement created for people who aspire to boost the weight loss process by relying on the force of natural components. This natural remedy makes the users lose body weight due to the elimination of fat deposits, decrease in the hunger feeling, suppression of fat synthesis, elevation of energy levels, and enhancement of mood. This pill is mostly suitable for people with mild and moderate overweight, but it may also support the body weight reduction efforts of obese people. It is over the counter obtainable.

Is PhenQ Safe?

PhenQ is the weight-loss pill of natural origin that triggers the natural mechanisms in the body, contributing to the decrease in the number of undesirable pounds. The scientists found out that all the natural compounds available in are really helpful for speeding up thermogenesis, resetting metabolism, and burning excessive calories in the completely safe way. By promoting the body weight cut, these ingredients don’t make you regret about taking the supplement. They don’t cause any health troubles because they are side effect free.

Is PhenQ Enough for Effective Weight Loss?

The manufacturer of PhenQ exerted every effort to invent and bring to life the truly unmatched diet pill filled with exceptionally natural active substances. According to the customer reviews, this product really proved to be effective when it comes to the natural overcoming of the excessive weight problem. However, you have to understand that none pill, including the top-notch PhenQ, is able to melt your all extra pound in the twinkling of an eye. The supplementation with this high-quality product is an auxiliary measure which has to be followed with the adherence to a competent and strenuous workout plan and the consumption of the strictly measured amounts of only healthy foods.

Can PhenQ Provide Results Instantly?

PhenQ is a 100% natural remedy that is aimed at fighting unwanted weight without the use of any artificial chemicals. Since there are no synthetic prescription-only ingredients in the supplement formula, it is unable to demonstrate the instant efficacy. You can’t take this natural remedy and wait for the results in a couple of day just like this happens in case of pharmaceutical treatment of overweight and obesity. On the contrary, you should steadily and consistently continue the supplementation for a few months if you aspire to achieve the maximum weight-loss gains.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

As a reliable company, the manufacturer of PhenQ offers a favorable refund policy to its customers. There is a money-back guarantee valid for 60 days. This period will enable you to figure out whether the product is useful exactly in your case and whether you got what you expected from the supplementation. If it turns out that you are disappointed with the supplementation effects, you can contact the company and ask for the refund within 60 days from the day of the dietary product purchase.

Should I Consult a Doctor?

PhenQ is not a prescription anti-obesity medication able to cause drastic and unexpected health effects. It doesn’t contain the ingredients able to harm your health or endanger your life as in case of the prescription weight-loss drugs. That’s why it’s not obligatorily to schedule the doctor’s appointment if you want to start the supplementation with this natural pill. But if you are concerned not only with your body weight, but also the other health troubles, it’s strongly recommended to discuss your intention to use the supplement with a doctor.

How Much To Pay

The cost of PhenQ may vary depending on the availability of discounts and special offers on the manufacturer’s official website.

Typically, you have to pay $79.95 per one supplement bottle if the price is not discounted. But if you purchase the product during the discount period, you will pay just $69.95.

If you buy more than one bottle of the supplement, you can pay less and save your money. Thus, you will pay just $139.90 per 2 PhenQ bottles and get one more bottle without payment a penny. Also, you will pay only $189.95 per 3 PhenQ bottles and get two more bottles as a gift. Along with these two free bottles, you will get a free Advana Cleanse product.

The manufacturer states that the customers shouldn’t pay for the supplement shipment.

It’s safe to purchase the supplement only on the official website of its manufacturer. This is where you can get the authentic supplement and protect yourself against any fraud. If you find this supplement somewhere else, it means that you deal with the counterfeit products and run the risk of facing threatening side effects.

Is PhenQ Efficacy Gender-Related?

PhenQ is an anti-overweight natural remedy that assists all people in their desire to lose some extra pounds. It contains the all-natural active substances which support everyone’s attempts to become the owner of a slim and healthy body.

That’s why it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. This fact will have no influence on the efficacy of the supplementation. Regardless of your gender, you will equally benefit from the effect which this top-quality pill may offer you.

What Does Science Tell About PhenQ?

PhenQ has a powerful scientific support because it features the unmatched patented formula called α-Lacys Reset. The scientists thoroughly investigated this formula and came to the conclusion that it really contributes to the elimination of fat deposits and to the reduction of body weight due to its strong ability to promote the calorie-burning process. Moreover, this formula can even cause the muscle mass growth. Thus, according to the study, α-Lacys Reset enabled the study participants to get rid of 24% of the total body fat percentage, cut the body weight by 44%, and enlarge the muscle mass by 80%. So, it’s obvious that the PhenQ formula is not unsubstantiated and can truly successfully fight excessive fat and weight.

How Long Can I Take One PhenQ Bottle?

There are sixty capsules in each PhenQ bottle. This quantity will enable you to undergo the supplementation for a month. The majority of other dietary supplements provide just thirty capsules in the bottle and are positioned as the amount enough for the one-month intake. However, in most cases, it’s necessary to swallow two capsules per day. So it means the bottles of rivals are enough just for a two-week supplementation. At the same time, PhenQ delivers you twice the amount of pills delivered by the other weight-loss remedies. That’s why this is one of the most favorable offerings on the market for the present moment.

How Many Bottles Have I Buy to Count on the Best Gains?

According to numerous researches, a person averagely needs to dedicate 66 days to replace the old unhealthy habits with the new healthy ones. This finding also refers to the dietary supplementation. It means you should keep taking PhenQ for two months in order to get most out of the supplementation. So, it’s advisable to purchase two bottles of the supplement to get really satisfactory results. The great news is that when you buy two bottles through the official website of the manufacturer, you will be presented with one additional supplement bottle absolutely free of charge. Three bottles of PhenQ are enough in order to lose unnecessary pounds and keep the weight off in a healthy and natural manner.

Does PhenQ Suit Vegetarians and Vegans?

PhenQ supplement is comprised of the exclusively natural components such as botanicals, minerals, and other nutrients which are fully suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

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